Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AptX (Apt-X) Support Checked for Google Pxiel, Moto X (Gen 1), and Moto E (Gen 2 Verizon LTE)

After checking Bluetooth HCI snoop log with Wireshark, as mentioned here, I checked AptX supportability of few devices: google pixel, moto x (gen 1, 2013), moto e (gen 2 Verizon LTE). All using stock software without root.

Some logs are collected recently, and some are few years ago. I just decided to review these logs and summarize my findings.

My results shows that Pixel does not support AptX; the rests do.

What surprises me a bit is the fact that Moto E Gen 2 Verizon LTE does support AptX, while the AptX official website does not have it as AptX enabled device. (Link here, accessed Nov 29 2016)

Screenshots of Wireshark are shown below.

Moto X Gen 1 2013 (XT1053 GSM unlocked)

Google Pixel (NA model, Verizon)

Moto E 2nd Gen LTE (XT1528 Verizon)